My Story

About Me

I am a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and personal trainer. After completing a BSc in Commerce at the University of London, I went on to complete a Certificate III & IV in Personal Training which has seen me working as a Personal Trainer since 2009. I love Personal Training and always will, but I wanted to offer more to my patients. I’d had first-hand experience in the power of natural medicine after suffering from mental health issues, digestive dysfunction and amenorrhea throughout adolescence. I knew the impact it could have on overcoming illness and optimising health, and I wanted to share that with my patients.
To enable me to optimise the health of those that I worked with, I completed a BHSc in Naturopathy from Laureate University and am now a registered naturopathic practitioner with the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association.

Special interests

I empower my patients to transform their health using an evidence-based, patient-centred and holistic approach to medicine. My special areas of interest include:

  • Digestive complaints
  • Weight management
  • Hormonal imbalances and conditions including PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids and menopause
  • Stress, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders
  • Skin conditions including acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • Pre-conception and post-natal care