My Philosophy

Treat The Underlying Cause

Underpinning my practice is the basic understanding that all illness must have a cause and for health to be restored and optimised the cause or causes of the illness must be identified and removed. This requires an appreciation of the intricate interplay of physical, emotional, mental, social, familial and occupational factors that can contribute to disease.

Through guiding, supporting, listening to and working with my patients, I develop effective treatment plans that address the underlying cause of health problems. This allows for complete resolution of health conditions and maximises long-term health outcomes.

My Philosophy 1


I firmly uphold the importance of empowering my patients to take responsibility for their own health. I seek to educate my patients and actively involve them in their own health decisions, ultimately paving the way for sustainable health improvements.


In my practice, I use only evidence-based and proven-effective therapeutic modalities. Dietary changes, lifestyle techniques, nutritional supplementation and herbal medicine have all been well-researched in the scientific arena and are now established as powerful tools for correcting illness. 

I am committed to the successful integration of natural and conventional medicines to maximise patient outcomes. I work in collaboration with a network of doctors, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, psychologists, osteopaths, myotherapists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists and midwives to ensure optimal patient care.


In working with my patients, I aim to prevent illness to reduce the burden of disease later in life. Early intervention can reduce or even eliminate the need for later, more intensive and costly care.

Whilst there are times when disease surfaces before preventative measures have been put in place, early detection and intervention in this case can speed recovery from the illness.